Meijie Decoration Material Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of Shandong Fuda Group. In the first phase, it invests RMB200 million, covering an area of more than 100 acres, and has more than 120 workers, it has the domestic advanced production line, including six sets of high-speed advanced printing equipment and ten sets of impregnation equipment, with an annual output of 6000 tons of printing paper and 240000 pieces of melamine impregnated paper. In the second phase project, we plan to build 20 production lines for printing paper and 30 production lines for melamine impregnated paper. This company mainly produces E0 environmental protection standard high-grade decorative paper, floor paper and etc, with thousands of species, which are widely used in flooring, furniture, cabinet, wooden door manufacturing industry and other industries. Meanwhile, our company also can cooperate with customers to develop varieties of personalized products, which can meet the different requirement of domestic and foreign customers, and provide the design protection and exclusive service. Products from design, raw material selection, production process setting and process control, are all strictly follow the international and domestic industry quality standard, and we have established a perfect quality management system to ensure the product quality is always in the leading position in this industry.

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