OlifeFurniture Co., Ltd—devoting to create high-end environmental protection brand of China integrated furniture.

    Olife Furniture Co., Ltd is a large-scale comprehensive integrated furniture company, which is professional in research & development, manufacturing, marketing, service, focusing on custom-made wardrobe and integrated cabinet. Onafi Furniture Co., Ltd extracts the western furniture culture and also focuses on the eastern aesthetic, fashion-forward design thinking, to ensure each product excellence, more ornamental and practical. The furniture products, with the superior quality of "novel style, graceful, fashion, noble and elegant, modest and decency" made a fashion statement in this field.

    Design concept: Onafi adhere to the spirit of “design is the soul of enterprise, quality is the life of enterprise”, and follow the design concept of “people-oriented”, which make its products design becomes concise but not simple, and stylish but not garish. Each kind of the Onafi furniture is tailor-made to make perfect furniture products for customer specially, with professional and technical personnel precisely measured in the field, and strives to fit to the customer life, which make the furniture not only for storage purpose, but more like an art collection at home.

    Business concept: Olife stick to the honest and trustworthy principles of “although complicated did not dare to fake the work, although expensive didn’t dare to reduce the material”, pay attention to the details, produce strictly, never cut corners. We have established a complete quality control system and enterprise standard to supervise raw materials procurement, production process, after-sale service and other components. No matter raw materials, technology, hardware and so on, all are high-quality environment friendly raw and auxiliary material.   


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