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    Welcome to Shandong Fuda Group! On behalf of all the company staff, I’d like to show our highest respect and greetings to the new and old customers, friends and colleagues! And fervently hope to get your continuous care and support like before!

   Sincerely hope that your visit will not only further enhance our mutual understanding and friendship, but also bring business opportunities, create value, and bring a surprise for you. Shandong Fuda Group is a robust and energetic young enterprise, was born in a new era. The full of opportunities’ society gives us a platform, the new era entrusted responsibility to us, and we will mark ourselves in the plywood history.

     Honesty, fair competition, not to belittle the opponent, read good books, do real work, obey the law and consider the overall situation is the ethics of our Fuda people. The Fuda people will adhere to the enterprise spirit "learn the best, strive for the top-ranking, and become the first-class", with great ambitions, pioneering and innovation, forward steadily, strive to become the first-class modern plywood enterprise.

    We would like to thank all the staff and leadership team; we brave the storm side by side all together. Our hard and firm, steady and persistent footstep will never cease, going from one victory to another victory. If you want to know how we are successful, we just rely on strength, wisdom, firm and sincere. Honesty as a tree, rooted always in my heart; honesty as a book, the most profound philosophy is always obtained in the simply description. Abide by integrity, sometimes painful, because it is to give up immediate interests. Good faith makes people harvest in giving up, which is actually a saving of personality and long-term interests.

   We firmly believe that as long as all our Fuda people conscientiously do our best, diligently study, not think to one pattern, make painstaking effort to create, face to the challenges and bravely struggle, we surely can make Fuda Company become a world-class plywood enterprise. Just because of this, we are full of hope and confidence to the future like you.

   Standing at the starting line of the 21 Century, we Fuda people will with new vitality and new face join the great business in the new century. Based on the international standard, appreciate brand, forge skills, to build a rich young Chinese enterprise, to do a rich young Chinese!

   Let us help you up the wealth ladder, with our sincerity and wisdom draw the most beautiful blueprint for you, with our wisdom and sincerity, let the customers priority select our products and services. 

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